Emotional Performance Earns This Mother and Son Duo the Golden Buzzer

Life has its fair share of surprises: some we welcome with open arms, some we wish never happened. For Brandon and his mother Sharon, life’s toughest surprise left them with more than enough lessons and realizations. When asked by the judges of Ireland’s Got Talent about their story, the duo proceeded to narrate the incident that inspired their song choice. Calling it ‘every parent’s worst nightmare,’ Sharon recalls the moment she received a call informing her that Brandon was in the hospital, unstable. She couldn’t grasp the fact that the doctors were telling her to say goodbye to her son as his condition made everyone believe he wouldn’t be able to make it.

Singing together since Brandon could talk, Sharon feared she would never be able to sing to and with her son again but she held on. She described how she would sing to him at the hospital and plead for him to wake up despite the news she received from the doctors. Her prayers and her emotions were met with a miracle as her son regained his consciousness.

Brandon’s smooth singing voice filled the studio and immediately prompted applause from the judges and the audience. Combine his vocals with Sharon’s  impressive jazz-esque voice and you’ve got yourself a harmony that transports you to another world – one that reminds you of the existence of miracles and the power of faith and love. The already tear-jerking story, paired with a song that captured each raw emotion to the fullest, brought tears to the eyes of the judges and the audience.

The duo hit each note perfectly and performed so effortlessly that it didn’t feel rehearsed at all. Each word was sung beautifully that the song served as the perfect ending to the incredible story they told. Singing with tears in their eyes, the duo ended the performance with a hug – a moment that definitely tugged on everyone’s heartstrings. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The cherry on top of a winning performance came in the form of a Golden Buzzer, one that ensured the mother and son’s spot in the next level of the talent search television show.

“I thought I’d never sing to him again.”

Sharon’s inspiring strength reminds us that a mother’s love transcends the toughest of trials.

“I’m here for a reason. I just think music is that reason. It gives me the motivation to get up in the morning.”

Their story proves that music heals, love overcomes, and faith pulls us through.